Cover of Hope Foundation (CoHF) is a registered non-profit charity organization that exists to provide motivated yet underserved children in Ghana with a quality education and support system. The objective of the programmes are to enhance educational outcomes and to facilitate the well-being of children in the social, physical and intellectual domains. 

Our Relevance

To complement the effort of the government, the Cover of Hope Foundation has designed a programme to improve the future for needy, yet self-motivated children in low-income areas of Ghana. The Foundation does this by providing scholarships that support senior high school graduates hoping to enter into the university.
About Cover of Hope

The Cover of Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Accra, Ghana. 

CoHF was founded in 2021 by philanthropists.

CoHF strives for excellence in the corridor of quality education and support system by providing motivated yet underserved students in Ghana with the tools they need to pursue higher education and careers. By providing this support, the Foundation helps children to start the cycle of success and contribute to the future of Ghana and the developing world.

As an operational NGO, CoHF plans and carries out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish our objectives. This work requires a great deal of careful planning, communication and local involvement for each program. Our high-level and long term goal is to create future leaders through quality education. 


Our Vision

To give hope to clever and talented individuals in their educational pursuit without compromising the needs of the economic space.

The Mission

To contribute to a country where every school going child gets to enjoy the fundamental human right of having access to quality education.

Our Goal

To assist children to have employable skills in their lives so as not to become a burden to society.


Intended Achievements

  • Ensure that educational requirements of beneficiaries are met. 
  • To encourage independent study and academic excellence. 
  • Empower beneficiaries to mutually cooperate by sharing skills, information and resources.
  • Build a culture of giving back to ensure beneficiaries return to their communities to transfer/share knowledge and mentor other needy children.
  • Provide opportunities for students, parents and the community to work together.

The Foundation seeks to remove the barriers to education by;

  • Paying the tuition of our wards
  • Providing extra quality tuition when need be
  • Providing our wards with learning materials
  • Providing monthly allowance
Identifying Beneficiaries

Management of CoHF visit local government schools and deprived villages to identify needy yet motivated students. Children living in reduced circumstances are those whose parents are unable to provide three meals a day, pay school fees, provide school uniforms, school supplies and pocket money. These identified children fill application forms and are interviewed for literacy and numeracy. Management then pays unofficial visits to potential candidates to ascertain and verify authenticity of information provided.

Selected applicants are medically screened together with existing CoHF children to prepare them for the next academic year, beginning September each year. New students will be ushered into CoHF’s programme on Orientation Day to be organized in January. This practice assists parents/guardians and new students to acquaint themselves with rules and regulations. 

Award Indicators

Our guiding principle is to infuse continuous improvement and quality in the culture of the education program.

Our key award indicators include:



Tertiary Education
  • Satisfactory results from secondary school
  • Background check on inability to fund education
  • Medically fit
  • Family History
  • Family consent to be on the plan - Consent agreement
  • Consent Agreement to be bound by rules of the plan
  • Signing of undertaken form


Informal Education
  • Must have been recommended by Opinion leaders
  • Submission of clear growth plan/Proposal
  • Satisfactory Background check report
  • Sense of willingness
  • Signing of undertaken form


Partial support with upkeeping and educational tools
  • Satisfactory Background check report
  • Complete application for help
  • In the case of a group request( a school/ library), consent agreement to be signed
Monitoring & Evaluation

The Foundation directs its monitoring activities to project inputs, processes and outputs. Our monitoring system comprises three (3) critical components: collecting information, evaluating that information and evaluating results in project action.

Depending on the outcome of this evaluation, management decides upon actions to be taken, and/well adjusts the expected progress. This process helps the foundation to concentrate on project variables: children, teachers, curriculum, equipment and organizational leadership. 

Comparing new and old reports on the quantity and quality of relevant data, consulting about the policies and activities with project staff and users of information enable weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to be generated to donor agencies and stakeholders.

Sustainability Plan

Our objective seeks to see to the end success of each beneficiary and as such, enroll these programmes;

  • Mentorship Programmes 
  • Career Building Schemes
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Long term Growth Plan for each Beneficiary
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